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What is the secret to our best life?

The Short Version

I help people uncover and transcend the hidden mechanisms keeping them from fulfilling their potential so that they can make their mark on the world and find happiness, joy and peace of mind. 


The Long Version

You’ve heard that knowledge is power, and that’s true, but the kind of knowledge that allows us to live our best life is very different from most other kinds of knowledge. Other kinds of knowledge tend to be simple and clear, even if they're not so easy to master. To construct buildings, bridges and roads, for example, you'll need knowledge of math, physics and engineering. If you know the formulas and natural laws, you can build structures that last. If you know the physics of physiology and medicine, you can help people address their ailments and diseases and give us all our best chance at a life filled with health and vitality. But when it comes to living our best life in which we fulfill our potential, find happiness, joy and peace of mind and make the mark we were meant to make on the world, it's far less simple and clear what knowledge is required.

However, just like there are dependable, consistent physical laws governing engineering, architecture and medicine, you and your thoughts are governed by dependable, consistent laws as well. It's just that these laws are more "logical" in nature than "physical." In any area of your life where you’re stopped (where you are not quite reaching your potential and where you don't quite have the experience you want to have) there is a logical reason for it. We sometimes refer to these as blind spots or hidden mechanisms - "hidden" because you can't see them and "mechanisms" because your thoughts, experiences, decisions and judgements are a system that all work together. See, most of the time the human machine works extraordinarily well, keeping us safe and alive. Sometimes, however, the same mechanisms that keep us safe also limit us, keeping us from being, doing and having what we want. And the real insidious part of it is that, though we can see the limitation, we can't see the mechanism at work. We can't discover the hidden mechanisms on our own.

I will lead our coaching conversations, but you and I will explore together the areas of your life where you're not yet having the experience of life that you want to have. As I ask questions, you will share your experiences and thoughts, and the hidden mechanism that is causing the limitation will start to reveal itself. We will start to understand the physics of the interacting parts, and the (no longer hidden) mechanisms will start to lose their power as you gain yours. You will stop being "at the effect" of your circumstances, and you'll start running the show. It will occur for you like an epiphany.

Fair warning - that's where the real work begins. There is no "hidden mechanism liposuction" that can remove your limitations without work on your part. Some of these mechanisms were created decades ago, and old habits die hard. However, the work of overcoming your limitations is extraordinary work, and it will occur like a privilege to be granted the knowledge with which to address them. It is the path less travelled, and it will make all the difference.

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Joe has been formally trained in transformational education and co-creative coaching and informally trained by his many life experiences. Joe has been a teacher, vice principal, social worker, wilderness therapy instructor, personal development seminar leader, actor, documentary filmmaker (watch here), professional soccer player, and rickshaw runner. But what Joe loves more than anything is a transformational, co-creative inquiry into what is holding his clients back from fulfilling their potential and following their dreams.


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

T.S. Eliot


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